The Konnect App allows you to audit the stock in your Konnect lockers.

Note: You must have permissions to use this function. Check with your ByBox Administrator for more details.

Audit stock content in a door

If you have access to our Inventory doors, you can do a stock audit of contents within that locker.

Before you begin

  • A stock audit changes the data that is in Konnect HQ. Make sure you want to go through this process before you start a stock audit.

You can Cancel during the process. This does not save any of your changes.

  • You must be assigned to an inventory locker to complete a stock audit.

To complete a stock audit:

  1. Go to the locker you want to audit.
    Note: You must have your Bluetooth enabled and be close to the locker you want to open.

    A confirmation message appears.
  3. Tap YES to continue
  4. Tap the location to audit.
  5. Tap the door you want to audit

    The stock audit list appears.
  6. Scan each item in the locker. Each item you scan appears on the list. New items are indicated.
  7. Tap DONE.
    A confirmation screen appears.
  8. If you are finished, tap YES.
  9. You can tap RETURN TO STOCK AUDIT to return to the screen or close the locker to complete the process.