You can view doors that are either assigned to you or that contain items you need to collect from the Locations screen.

  • The List icon appears on the map screen and switches the screen to a list view.
  • The Map icon appears on the list screen and changes the screen to map view.

The List view is the default view on the LOCATIONS page.

There are two types of access for locations:

  • Assigned collection
  • General access

Assigned collection

You may be assigned packages into doors that you do not normally access. These doors appear in a list or as a pin on the LOCATION screens. Once you have collected your order, you won't have access to these doors.

General access

Lockers assigned to you appear in your location list. If there is an order waiting for you, locker pin appears in green.

To see more details about the locker:

  1. Select the location to view.
  2. Select the door to view.
  3. An unlocked door screen appears and the App connects to the door using Bluetooth.

For more information about collecting or returning a package see Using Collections.