Using Konnect Screens

The menu in the top left-hand corner shows you all the screens in the Konnect App.

You can go to a screen by selecting from this list.

Note: The back button on your Android phone does not function in the Konnect App, however, you can navigate away by selecting a different screen from the menu.

Viewing main Konnect screens

Collections Where you view your collections. For more details, see Using Collections

Where you view your locations. For more details see Using Locations

Unassigned Where you assign yourself orders. For more details see Using Unassigned

Other screens in Konnect

NotificationsWhere you see the latest about your orders.
My orders

Where you view details about your orders.

Stock Check Where you perform checks on your inventory. For more details see xxx
My activityWhere you view your activities.
My accountWhere you see your profile information.
HelpWhere you find assistance. For more details see Getting Started.