You can view a few items related to your deliveries and locations from the main Thinventory Mobile Web screen.

  • Latest Deliveries
  • My Delivery Location
  • Find Other Delivery Locations

Latest Deliveries

The Latest Deliveries screen shows details of all items recently delivered. This list may appear across multiple pages. Any failed deliveries are shown in a separate section.

My Delivery Location

Your delivery location appears on the My Delivery Location screen. The location on the map, the address and site access information are on this screen. The Sat Nav button takes you to your device's map screen to direct you to your exchange.

Note: Locations with App Lockers - You cannot open an App locker using Thinventory Mobile Web. You must use the Thinventory Mobile App. For more details see ByBox Thinventory Mobile.

Click Back to go back to the main screen.

Find Other Delivery Locations

You can use the Find Other Locations screen to search for different delivery locations.

To view other delivery locations:

  1. From the location detail, select Find Other Locations.
  2. Enter a name, place or postcode into the search field.
  3. Select find icon. 
    This will bring up all available locations for IBOX, Lockbox and App Locker.

    Note: Not all the locations listed are available to your field company. For App Lockers, you must have access to the location and use the Thinventory Mobile app. For lock boxes, you may or may not have access to the door. Contact your administrator for details about access to locations.
  4. Select Home icon to go back to the main screen.