Screens in Konnect Web

Konnect Web includes all the of the same screens in the Konnect App but you only need to use a couple of these screens within Konnect Web.



The COLLECTIONS screen is the landing page after you login and the place where you can find the orders assigned to you. Use this page to start the collection of your order.


The TRACKING OUT screen displays the order you are collecting. You scan or enter the barcode here and complete the order. 


The TRACKING IN screen displays the details you add to replenish your stock. You can scan or enter the barcode here to complete the replenishment.


This final screen in the collections process, the SUMMARY, shows you what you have collected, if anything and allows you to either scan another item or select DONE to return to you to the COLLECTIONS screen.


The SELF ORDER screen allows you to create your own orders in Konnect Web. You can find this screen using the menu and selecting MY ORDERS.

Collect an item in Konnect Web

To collect an item using Konnect Web.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have a username and password to get access to Konnect Web.
  • Make sure you have the wedge scanner handy or the barcode of the item.

  1. Login to Konnect Web.
    The Collections screen appears.
  2. Select Open on the location you want to collect from.
  3. Scan or manually enter the barcode for the item.

    Note: You should have a wedge scanner or you can enter the barcode manually.
  4. Select FINISH.
    The confirmation screen appears.
  5. Select DONE.
    The Collections screen appears.

Replenish stock in Konnect Web

You can use Konnect Web to replenish stock at your location.

  1. Login to Konnect Web.
    The Collections screen appears.
  2. Select Locations.
  3. Select the correct location you want to add the item
  4. Select TRACK IN.
  5. The TRACK IN screen appears.
  6. Enter or scan the barcode.
  7. Select FINISH.

    The item now appears as an available stock item.

Audit stock of items at a location using Konnect Web

You can audit what stock you have in your location using Konnect Web.

Before you begin 

  • A stock audit changes the data that is in the Konnect system. Make sure you want to go through this process before you start a stock audit.

You can CANCEL during the process. This does not save any of your changes.

  • You must be assigned to an inventory door to complete a stock audit.

To complete a stock audit:

  1. Tap STOCK AUDIT in the Konnect Web. A confirmation message appears.
  2. Tap YES to continue.
  3. Tap DOORS. Konnect Web refers to the shelves or areas that contain items as DOORS.
  4. Tap the arrow of the door you want to open. The STOCK AUDIT list appears. 
  5. Scan each item in the door. Each item you scan appears on the list. New items are indicated. 
  6. Tap DONE. A confirmation screen appears.
  7. If you are finished, tap YES.
  8. You can tap DONE to return to the Collections screen to complete the process.

Create a Self Order in Konnect Web

You can create self orders more efficiently using Konnect Web.

To create a self order:

  1. Go to Locations or Orders screen.
  2. Select the white + in the blue circle.
  3. Select your Location from the drop down.
  4. Find your SKU at the location.
  5. Add the quantity for the order using the + beside the Stock listed item.

    Note: You can see how much stock is available.
  6. Select CONTINUE.
  7. Check the details of the order and select CONFIRM.

    A confirmation screen and app notification appears to let you know the order is complete.