Create a client

To create a client

  1. Select Core > Clients.
  2. Select Create Client
  3. Enter the client name.
  4. (Optional) Enter identifier.
  5. Select Create Client.
    The client now appears in your client list. You can go ahead and add locations to this client. See Working with Locations for more details.

View a client

  1. Select Core > Cilents.
    Your client list appears.
  2. Select the client you want to view.

You can take a number of actions from the client detail page:

Select to begin viewing details as the client would.
Select to make changes to the name or identifier.
Select to add or remove feature access fro the client.
Select to assign a client to a door.
Select to assign or unassign a Carrier to the client.
Select to suspend the client.

Create a sub client

See Working with sub clients

Select to create a sub-client for the client.

Impersonate a client

  1. Select View as Client.
    You can now navigate around HQ pages viewing it as your client.

Edit a client

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Update the name and identifier as required.
  3. Select Edit Client.
    The details are now updated.

Configure a client

  1. Select Configure.
  2. Toggle on the features you want to enable for the client.
    All toggles lists as ON now appear for the client.

Assign to client to a door

  1. Select Assign to Door.
  2. Select the doors you want to assign to the client.
  3. Select Assign Client.
    The door is now assigned to the client. You can confirm this in the LOCATIONS & DOORS tab.

Assign or Unassign Carriers to a client

  1. Select Assign/Unassign Carriers.
  2. To assign, select any carriers not currently assigned to the client. A confirmation message appears.
  3. To unassign, select any carriers currently assigned to the client. A confirmation message appears.

Suspend a client

  1. Select Suspend.
    The client now appears on the Suspended list. You can confirm this from the Core > Clients page, under Suspended Clients.