The Dashboard is the landing page for Konnect HQ and shows you at a quick glance some of the most important details about your teams and activities.

Let's take a closer look at each area.


The Activity pane displays all the activities associated with your doors.



TypeDisplays the type of activity, such as delivery, collection or an issue.


Displays where the delivery or return took place.


Displays the type of door for the delivery or return.

Package Info

Displays the delivery or return package details, including tracking number.


Displays any available reference numbers, including an order number or hardware reference number.


Displays the time of the delivery or return.


Displays the driver or client user name for the delivery or return.


Displays the company name of the user.

You can see more details about your Activities by clicking the View All Activity and going to the Activity page. To see historical data, see Working with Activity.

Account Settings

You can view your account settings from any page in the Konnect HQ . Click on Account Settings underneath your name to view more details. 



First Name

Displays your first name. You can edit this field directly from this page by clicking Edit.

Last Name

Displays your last name. You can edit this field directly from this page by clicking Edit.


Displays your registered email. You can edit this field directly from this page by clicking Edit.


Displays your registered password. You can reset this field directly from this page by clicking Reset.


The Search field on the Dashboard allows you to search all of Konnect HQ. You can also perform more targeted searches on individual pages. This Dashboard search function gives you more of a global view of your content. 


You can logout of Konnect KQ from the top right hand corner.

Get more help

The Help button takes you to the online help information about Konnect HQ. You can navigate through to different procedures or perform specific key word searches to find help and support information.