The Print Agent is an application installed on the client machine and enables users to print directly to a printer listed as 'on-line'.  Once installed and running the Print Agent will automatically check for and install updates.

This area provides information on installing, starting and stopping the Print Agent 

The Print Agent is installed from ByBox servers by a "click once" specific URL, which is provided by ByBox. Please note that the URL is unique to the Print agent, therefore the print agent should only be installed on a single machine.

Install the Print Agent

To install the Print Agent:

  1. To start the installation copy the separately provided URL into the browser bar and click the Enter button

  2. Your default browser will open.
    1. It might ask you what you want to do with setup.exe. If you are asked, select Run. 
    2. It may just show the setup.exe file as in the task bar - in this case double click to start

  3. The ClickOnce bootstrapper starts.

  4. You are prompted to confirm that you would like to install the Print Agent. Select Install.

  5. The Print Agent downloads and install.

  6. The Print Agent is now running - see the ByBox logo in the system tray.

  7. Hover your mouse over the ByBox icon to see the version number.

  8. Right-click the ByBox icon to see the Print Agent menu which contains only one item: Exit.

Print Agent Configuration Site

Restart the Print Agent

If your PC is switched off or rebooted. the Print agent may need to be restarted (If there is no icon displayed)

  1. Type Print agent in program search

  2. Select ByBox Local Print Agent.
  3. The ByBox icon shows in the system tray

Stop the Print Agent

Right-click the ByBox icon to see the Print Agent menu and click only option: Exit.

Manually update the Print Agent

  1. Select Win+R to open the Run dialog, type "appwiz.cpl" and then hit enter.

  2. The Programs and Features dialog opens.

  3. Type ByBox in the Search Programs and Features textbox in the top-right corner.

  4. Select the Print Agent you wish to reinstall (there could be several) and then Uninstall/Change.
  5. On the ByBox Local Print Agent ... Maintenance dialog, select Remove the application from this computer. option, and then, OK.

  6. The Print Agent is from the Programs and Features dialog.

  7. Repeat Installation of Print Agent to install the updated Print Agent.

Check Print Agent version

What version is currently running?

Hover your mouse over the ByBox icon to see the version number.

What version is installed?

  1. Go to Control Panel.
    Note: You can search for Control Panel in the Search Bar. 
  2. Select Programs and Features.

  3. Type ByBox in the Search Programs and Features textbox in the top-right corner.  The version of Print Agent installed on the machine is displayed along with installation date.